Eko Cocktail Club

by the drunken alchemist

Founded in 2017

Eko Cocktail Club was inspired by people interested in partaking in creative experiences cultivated from a fusion of alcoholic blends.
It is a typical adventure seekers paradise, promising to offer state of the art vibes and iconic experiences where the Liquor is always king.

Our Vision

Alcohol is a key element in the Lagos lifestyle. A lot of alcohol brands focus mainly on the usual alcoholic beverage activations and logo placements to leverage on consumer interest.
However we believe that as much the liquid in the bottle is important, the experiences and the emotions that can be gotten from the versatility of liquor such as a perfectly mixed cocktail can not be emphasized enough.

the Lagos

Our Aim

Our aim is to change and enhance the cocktail scene in Lagos by bringing to light places, brands and people that share this same vision.
We aim to do this by using marketing and promotional activities, events, social media, partnerships that will unify and keep the Lagos drinking circle always wanting more.
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